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Kakariki, Care, Breeding, Ecology, and Conservation :: View topic - heavy mould of kak's
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heavy mould of kak's
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Author Message

Joined: Oct 10, 2008
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:54 pm    Post subject:

Good then I do not need to worry as much. Hew has been this way about 6 weeks.

He is a rescue about 4 or 5 months old. We got him recently and finding information about the kaks is not easy. This forum has been a blessing. Thank you for answering my post so quickly!!
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Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: Oct 06, 2004
Posts: 4550

PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:23 pm    Post subject:

This forum has been a blessing.

Thankyou...It is why I made the site 4 yrs ago..
And the support so many breeders and member have given over the yrs

And come to think off it... its its 4th birthday to 2 weeks ago.

My Spelling is Not Incorrect...It's 'Creative'
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Snr Member
Snr Member

Joined: Sep 14, 2005
Posts: 132

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 1:46 am    Post subject:

Shocked Only 4 Years ??
Ow now im understanding why I nothing of less found about the kakariki.
I was beginning with my first kakariki 5 years ago, even i didn't even know what a kind of bird it was.
Today i have 30 kakariki's , Yellow red-fronted, wildcoloured red-fronted en Yellow fronted (pure birds), which are very rare.
Only a few breeders have them.

Thanks Steptoe for creating this side <v> <v>

:oops: A little bit off-topic Whistle
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Joined: Oct 10, 2008
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:48 pm    Post subject:

How long does the molt last? Ki Ki still has a naked head, and looks fluffy. Vet mite checks have been negative and I cannot get the meds for parasites with out a vet prescription here in the U.S.
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Snr Member
Snr Member

Joined: Oct 04, 2008
Posts: 66

PostPosted: Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:05 pm    Post subject:

We've also been worried about our little guy, but I was wondering if it had something to do with our climate. We live in Northern Canada in what can be called semi arid. We usually have humidifiers going in the winter - the summer's not so bad.

Boo is 2 1/2 yrs old; we've had him for 2. He's been going through a big moult in the last couple of weeks and he just lost all of his tailfeathers in the last week. Steptoe (Keith? I think?) suggested mites, so we'll spray his cage and him and do the apple cider vinegar on his food.

He has an excellent diet - fresh fruits, veg & cooked seed (flax, wheat, etc) mixed with fruit every day and pellets for back up, which he eats quite frequently. Sunflower seeds are a treat.

He's an indoor bird and we have no other pets. He's a great bather - we have a glass pie plate that we put on the counter, and he loves it with ice cubes in it. He actually waits until we put them in there, then he leaps in. I was away this last week and my husband said he wasn't bathing very much, kind of quiet, but eating well with little spurts of energy.

Anyway, good to find that others have the same stuff happening...

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Regular Member
Regular Member

Joined: Dec 23, 2011
Posts: 18

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:28 pm    Post subject:

I think my Billy is in a heavy moult. It started in the middle of winter, I think because it wasn't cold in our house. I don't think he has mites because his feathers is growing again and I'm finding less feathers on the bottom of his cage. He eats mostly seed and he has apple and pear every day in his cage (he eats only apple and pear, I've tried mixing vegetables, giving him separately, but only apple and pear). I also put him vitamins in water every 2 or 3 days. He also likes apple and paprika seeds. I was wondering, what can I give him to help his feathers grow back again?
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Snr Member
Snr Member

Joined: Jul 12, 2009
Posts: 174

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2012 4:40 am    Post subject:

The heavy moulting, particularly the small feathers in the neck and around the ears is not the fcat of breading or something else, i think.
I just wrote it in the post about mites.
Last year an new species of mites was discribed from vets in germany. this very very small mites are living under the skin of kakariki, you never can see them with your eyes. Since we took attantion of them every heavy moulting was caused by this mites.
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