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Counting down to X-mas

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Author Message

Joined: Mar 21, 2009
Posts: 14

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 4:07 am    Post subject: Counting down to X-mas

Hi there!
I don't know if you have any special counting down to Christmas system in your countries, but in Sweden we celebrate the four Sundays before Christmas. So tomorrow would be the first Sunday before Christmas.
Just wanted to wish you a happy first Advent with a pic of my female kakariki that is investigating a branch of a fir tree(?)...

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Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: Oct 06, 2004
Posts: 4550

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 9:39 am    Post subject:

Yes Was thinking that is getting time to put up the Christmas decorations on the Web site

In NZ generally ...decorations etc start going up beginning of Dec..
What realy gets up my nose is the excessive commercialism of thespirit od Christmas
Most of our towns and cities have their Christmas parade...And most of the organiserd have lost the spirit of it.
It is now a competion as to who has the 1st one, which can now take place early Nov...then they compete, which is not christmas spirit as to date anb abilty to pull the biggest crowds.
Then there is the commercial sector, jump on the marketting wagon evem in OCt with Christmas sales and such...who can pull the 1st 'christmas dollar' in

NZ is a very Diverse population and cultures, Christain, Hindu , Muslem etc.
And Politically correct do gooders over the yrs have now made it illegal for shops local councils etc to display Manger (Christ and the 3 wise men).
Even the Buddist, Hindus, Muslems think this is stupid..dont have a problem with it....In fact they all love Christmas, put up tress enjoy the family get together, exchange presents...may not have a manger, but certainly get into the spirit of Christmas of caring sharing and giving around the neighbourhoods and in their homes...

Putting all that aside...the commeraialism and the PC BS, Christmas is a great time....Here it is Summer, hence Christmas is tradtionally holiday time....Schools close down about a week before Christmas for about 6 or 7 weeks, Most businees close Christmas eve or the day before for 4 or 5 days...and since we get another 4 days for the New year, often remain closed for the days inbetween...then families add their leave onto this and go in holiday for another week or so.
So it is very much a family time, at the beach, BBQs, camping.

Yes I look forward to Christmas. The familt comes home to put up the Christmas tree around 1st week of Dec, I when finished i put the Angle and star on the top. Cristmas day the childen come home with their Husbands and wives and our grandchildren...Children and Grand children opening their Christmas socks hanging over the fire place, and presents under the Christmas tree...My wife cooks a glazzed ham (she cooks as good as if not better than my mother used to...there is nothing better than that.) For miday Christmas dinner. To be able to sit at the head of the table, look around and watch the family together, laughing, happy, pulling Christmas crackers...what more could one ask for out of life?
Freinds and Family drop in during the day....And everyone playing Criket or soccor or croquae out in the backyard.
Then what is left over from Christmas Dinner, is split up for the childen to take home for evening meal...

Christmas, just put the 'blinkers' on ignore the commericalisn and the PC BS, and it is a wonderful time to watch the smiles from giving and sharing.

My Spelling is Not Incorrect...It's 'Creative'
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Snr Member
Snr Member

Joined: Oct 22, 2008
Posts: 212

PostPosted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 2:39 am    Post subject:

abso-jinglin'-lutely Steps!........It's a shame a televised reminder of that could not be spread nationally.
In the uk, commercialism starts in end october and all shops are open..some small local premises are open even on christmas morning!!! wall

presents are no suprise for the young anymore as gifts are EXPECTED... Sad
such a shame, i'm gonna scare my family this year as i am planning a nostalgic christmas...
it shld make for interesting convo which is today another total loss what with gizmo's for one.

lets hope it goes well, and wishing all on here and your family a Fantasticly festive fun packed christmas xx
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