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Tips For Selling/Purchasing Kakariki

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2005 12:50 pm    Post subject: Tips For Selling/Purchasing Kakariki

Draft Compiled by Kaka-riki And Steptoe
Members are w3c to make further additions or suggest changes.

Tips for Buying Kakariki

1) Ask the seller if they are prepared to guarantee their birds. By this we mean that once you have purchased the bird if a subsequent vet check shows any illness or disease will the seller replace the bird or refund your money in full.
ADDED NOTE: In NZ most breeders will replace a Kakariki without any problems, regardless of reason for loss, unless it is due to gross negligence

2) If the answer to the above question is no ask the seller to provide a vet certificate before purchasing the bird. Refusal often indicates the seller cant be bothered which may in fact be how he also treats his birds.

3) Do as much research as possible before buying birds. Even a small amount of knowledge in regard to diet, housing etc will go a long way in helping you decide whether the breeder you want to buy that pair of birds off is really a dedicated breeder or just a money hungry shark.

4) Wherever possible ask for references. Here in Australia a respected breeder can build a solid reputation. Money hungry breeders on the other hand build a huge reputation, to their ultimate downfall.
ADDED NOTE: In NZ do not assume that just because a reeders holds a permit, the birds are not hybrids or the breeders facilties/birds are of a good standard. A breeder can go many yrs between inspections and permit renewals. Very often the DoC Inspector may have no experiance what so ever in breeding birds, and has been known not even be aware that a Kakariki is a bird.

5) Don't be put off if a breeder doesn't allow you to view his birds. There are a lot of breeders who prefer to keep a closed facility. The reasons for this can be thefts, possibility of spreading disease and many others. A reputable breeder should still be able to provide a history on the birds you are looking at buying and all other relevant information.
ADDED NOTE: Often a breeder may have other species mating or in nest that don't take kindly to visitors.

6) Make sure your cage or aviary is set up and ready to go BEFORE purchasing birds. Once you get the birds home they will need a few days to settle into new surroundings. That is not the time to be putting in nest boxes and perches.
Make sure that u have your Aviaries Pre DoC approved and received your permit. Also make sure that the breeder has a permit. The permit number should be exchanged and recorded.
Kakariki in NZ can not be kept as household pets.
Keeping/breeding hybrids is illegal
Only 2 kakariki/ flight is permitted
Kakariki can not be in mixed species flights
Species canot be mixed in the same flight.
Currently any Kakariki breed will not be accepted for wild release and chicks/ eggs must be destroyed
The plans for Kakariki aviaries on this site have not been officially approved by DoC...they have been built by us and approved with a big thumbs up by DoC inspectors.

7) Never place new birds into an outdoor aviary right on dusk. Wherever possible put the birds out in the early morning. That gives them all day to explore their new surroundings and find water and food dishes.

RETAIL (Pet Shop)
9) If purchasing retail from a shop

a/Be aware there is a good chance that they could be siblings
b/Have a very good look at other stock for any signs of sickness in the other birds. Lethargic, birds on the ground and don't fly up when tap on the cage, have bright eyes, and alert. Retail shops can be notorious for spreading disease/mites and the like.
c/ ask about info on differences between male/female, diet, any special needs. A good pet shop will be more than just a commercial enterprise and will be familiar with its stock.
d/ If you have any doubts of any of the above...source from a different supply.
e/ If for a pet, keep in mind Kakariki even aviary raised, will tame down very quickly, unlike many other species of bird.

9) Carry out a worming/mite program (see details in 'Vets Cnr') when you receive the bird(s)

10) Don't introduce birds directly in with your current flock or other birds. Isolate for a week or to, maintain a close watch for any unusually signs of disease and behaviour. 9 times out of 10 ppl do not carry out isolation and get away with it. One day you WILL end up loosing your birds, and also having a huge job of sterilising cages/aviaries and having to start from scratch again. It NOT worth the risk.

Tips for Selling Kakariki :

1) Isolate the birds you have for sale and check them for any obvious signs of stress and or illness whilst doing so. We isolate and hold birds for 7 days before transporting. This enables us to make sure all birds are eating correctly.

2) Supply a fact sheet to the purchaser if they are new to the needs and requirements of Kakariki. If they have experience offer advice on how and what you feed your birds. You will be surprised how much information you can also gain from other breeders.
ADDED NOTE: If anyone wishes to use the information, pics in this site for a fact sheet, ask the poster, give credit to them and this site.
Most members will not object, Not only is it copyright issues but common courtesy

3) If selling birds as a pair, we recommend setting the birds up during the 7 day holding period. This will allow the birds to bond and you will soon know if a pair is not suited together. There is a lot of satisfaction when a purchaser rings you in a months time to let you know the pair you sold them is sitting on fertile eggs.
ADDED NOTE: even kakariki in large numbers in a flight will pair off or show signs of doing so.

4) When freighting birds in Australia use covered in freight boxes where possible. Keeping the birds in a dark environment reduces stress. Make sure the birds are being collected at the other end as soon as possible upon arrival.
ADDED NOTE: Same for NZ, Prearrange beforehand dates and times, confirmation phone call/email as to flight number, time of arrival after sending off. (Older birds 3 months +) travel far better, don't long distance ship very young birds. Kakariki do ship road/rail/air very well. Even 13/24hrs nps

5) DON'T ever sell or pick up birds if the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees Celsius. This places far too much stress on the birds.

Disclaimer: This site, its owners and Admistrators hold no responsablilty for the condition of birds and products sold or traded. The standards and proceedures are recomondations from experianced breeders.
If unsure about a source or have any questions, please contact a member or post your concerns.

My Spelling is Not Incorrect...It's 'Creative'
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